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Retirement | How to Optimize your Social Security Benefits

Only 4% of retirees are optimizing their Social Security benefits, which means 96% of retirees are losing out on their hard-earned benefits.

On average, households lose over $100,000 dollars in lifetime benefits because initiate Social Security payments sooner than they should.

96% of retirees claim their Social Security benefits at the wrong time financially.

A recent University of Michigan study found the optimal age for most retirees to claim Social Security benefits is 70. Sadly, more than 70% of retirees are currently claiming their social security benefits before age 64.

United Income found poverty among retirees could be reduced by 50% if retirees delayed starting Social Security benefits until age 70.

Determining your specific optimal time to claim your Social Security benefits is a complicated calculation including a number of different factors. With a custom analysis, your default should be delaying until age 70, but at Private Advisory Group we will help you find the optimal time to claim your benefits, so you can join the 4% of retirees getting the most out of their Social Security.

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