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RETIREMENT | Nonworking Spouses can collect Social Security Benefits

The Social Security benefit of a nonworking spouse is up to 50 percent of the working spouse’s benefits.

As long as a working spouse has either filed for Social Security Benefits or reached their full retirement age (FRA*), a nonworking spouse, who has reached age 62, can begin collecting Social Security benefits based on their working spouse’s earnings record.

After a working spouse has either filed to start collection benefits or has reached FRA, their nonworking spouse can:

  • Start collecting Social Security benefits right away

  • Wait until they reach FRA in order to receive their full spousal benefit

Whereas the working spouse’s benefits increase by approximately 8% per year when delayed beyond FRA but before age 70, a nonworking spouse’s benefits do not increase beyond FRA.

There are a number of factors that may impact the decision of when to begin collecting Social Security benefits. It is an important decision, call us, we’re happy to walk through it with you.

*FRA is 65 years or older depending on your year of birth.

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